Mind-Blowing OnlyFans Statistics (2022)

OnlyFans is a subscription-based multimedia provider based in London, United Kingdom. Tim Stokely and his elder brother, Thomas, launched it with a $13,000 loan from their father.

Tim has owned a couple of websites in the same business, but none of them were particularly successful. He, however, learned from his previous failures and developed a referral system for OnlyFans that rewarded third parties for bringing new content providers to the site.

In 2018, Tim sold 75% of his stake in Fenix International (the parent company of OnlyFans) to Leonid Radvinsky, a Ukrainian-American entrepreneur and owner of a popular porn site.

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  4. OnlyFans Creator Statistics
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  6. Top Categories on OnlyFans
  7. OnlyFans Earning Statistics
  8. Top Earning Creators on OnlyFans
Mind-Blowing OnlyFans Statistics (2022

OnlyFans Key Statistics

  • OnlyFans is used by almost 170 million people.
  • OnlyFans’ platform is ad-free.
  • Every day, OnlyFans adds 500,000 new users.
  • If OnlyFans goes public, it may have a multibillion-pound valuation, making it one of the UK’s largest technology companies.
  • Around 45% of OnlyFans’ users are from the United States, 7% from the United Kingdom, 5% from Canada, 3% from Germany, and another 3% from Australia. 37% of users are from other countries.
  • OnlyFans surpassed one million users in 422 days. This amounts to a daily average of 2370 users.
  • OnlyFans has over 1.5 million content creators.
  • Top OnlyFans creators earn an average of about $100,000 every month.
  • OnlyFans creators make an average of about $151 per month.
  • The average subscription fee for OnlyFans is $7.20.
  • The top 1% of accounts earn 33% of all revenue on OnlyFans, while the top 10% earn 73%.
  • According to various sources, OnlyFans is having difficulty attracting outside investors.
  • Each year, around 300 users make at least US$1 million.

OnlyFans Overview

Launch Date1st July 2016
HQLondon, United Kingdom
PeopleAmrapali Gan (CEO), Tim Stokely (Founder), Thomas Stokley, Guy Stokely.
OwnerFenix International Limited

OnlyFans User Statistics

OnlyFans’ initial growth was fueled by both amateur and professional sex workers. The site continued to increase in popularity after Cardi B and actress and singer Bella Thorne joined.

OnlyFans’ popularity skyrocketed during lockdowns, growing from less than 20 million users before pandemic to more than 120 million, as bored consumers sought amusement online and unemployed entertainers stepped in to give it.

In April 2020, CEO Tim Stokely stated that OnlyFans added over 200,000 new users every 24 hours and 7,000 to 8,000 new creators daily. OnlyFans has 85 million members and over a million producers as of late 2020.

First 1000 UsersJuly 20, 2016
First 10,000 UsersSeptember 8, 2016
First 100,000 UsersJanuary 9, 2017
First 1 millionUsersSeptember 14, 2017
First 10 million UsersJuly 4, 2019
First 100 million UsersJanuary 2021

OnlyFans was launched on 1st July 2016 and reached its first 1000 users in under 20 days.

OnlyFans reached a million users in exactly 422 days. This equates to an average of 2370 users every day.

And, as a result of the Covid-19 lockdowns and the engagement of some well-known celebrities, OnlyFans grew from 100 million to 100 million users in less than two years.

Among the 100 million users, 87 million are male, 10 million are female and 3 million have not specified their gender.

Around 45% of OnlyFans’ users are from the United States, 7% from the United Kingdom, OnlyFans Stats from Canada, 3% from Germany, and another 3% from Australia. 37% of users are from other countries.

OnlyFans Creator Statistics

OnlyFans claims to have more than 1.5 million content creators, according to the site.

Fitness experts, musicians, models, and even prominent celebrities are some of the content creators on OnlyFans.

OnyFans continues to draw thousands of new content creators every day.

DateNumber of OnlyFans Creators
December 2019100,000
May 2020450,000
December 20201 million
February 20211.2 million
September 20211.5 million


Top Celebs on OnlyFans

  1. Bhad Bhabie
  2. Cardi B
  3. Dj Khaled and Fat Joe
  4. Jordyn Woods 
  5. Bella Thorne
  6. Amber Rose 
  7. Chris Brown
  8. Blac Chyna 
  9. Rubi Rose
  10. Tana Mongeau

Top categories on OnlyFans

OnlyFans was becoming a hub for NSFW (not safe for work) or sexual content. This does not imply that OnlyFans has any other kind of content.

However, it may be one of the most engaging platforms for a variety of content types, such as the ones listed below:

  • Fashion and Modelling
  • Health and Fitness Coaching
  • Travel Blogging
  • Funny Videos
  • Gaming
  • Cooking Recipes Tutorials
  • DIY Tutorials
  • Beauty Tips
  •  Influencer Vlogs

OnlyFans Earning Statistics

The platform sets the minimum and maximum subscription fees that creators can adjust. The lowest monthly subscription fee is $4.99 and the highest is $49.99.

Creators on OnlyFans may also post tips or even private messages for a $5 fee, which they could charge to their followers. Additionally, creators can offer their members discounts that are tailored to their needs.

OnlyFans receives 20% of the amount made by the content creator, while content creators keep 80%.

Timothy Stokely, the founder of OnlyFans, revealed that they pay over $200 million every month to content creators.

Top Earning Creators on OnlyFans

  1. Blac Chyna- $20 million
  2. Bella Thorne- $11 million
  3. Cardi B- $9.34 million
  4. Tyga- $6.49 million
  5. Mia Khalifa- $6.2 million
  6. Erica Mena- $4.49 million
  7. Pia Mia- $2.22 million
  8. Safaree Samuels- $1.91 million
  9. Megan Barton Hanson- $1.06 million
  10. Jem Wolfie- $900,000